creative expression

Now to inject my project full of life.

I am interested in personal transportation vehicles such the skateboards, scooters and bikes.Skating was one of my main hobbies for almost 10 years utill I was forced to stop due to an unfortunate knee injury. I still like tojump on a board every and bust a few moves now and then. I enjoy seeing skaters (pro’s and amateurs) tear up Melbourne skate parks and street spots. Skaters seem to be getting younger and younger, doing bigger and better tricks. Other people use skating as a social activity and a way of having fun. Either way, skatboarding is constantly progressing. People are always  finding new ways to express themselves- whether it be learning a new trick, skating a new terrain, or customising their skateboards. I find skateboarding interesting because it can be a recreational activity, an art form, a job, and a method of transportation.

For my PreMajor I will be looking at the skateboard as a device for creative expression. It is a personal object that allows people to express their own identity. For my major project I will be designing a device that can be used by skaters as a form of transport and a means of expressing their individual lifestyle. There are many avenues of self expression; the type of tricks they perform and the way they perform them. The location and terrain, graphics and aesthetics, level of skill, performance and audience. These can be indicators of skill level, occupation, cultural associations and fashion sense, interests and dislikes.


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