skateboard is design

Here are some web sites on skateboarding that I found really interesting.

The first one is a lost of 20 object designed from skateboard decks. (both new and recycled boards)


Skateboards are broken quite often. Usually the plywood boards are just thrown in the bin.

Here are some bags, an ipod case and some earrings  made out of recycled skate decks.


This web site is a company in Newport Beach, California. They construct furniture and household objects our of skate equipment.  Check out their collection-


skateboard wheel clock


This company produce  decks made completely ouf of bamboo. (im pretty sure they are the only bamboo decks available)


This is the web site

This is  publicity video where skaters get to snap there original deck  (traditionally made out of maple) in return for a new bamboo deck. Apparently the bamboo boards are stronger than the maple plywood decks.  go green , go bamboo.


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