Mid Semester Research

This is the research I did over the Easter holidays. I was looking at skateboards as a device that allows people to express their creativity. Whether it is the graphics on their boards or the stickers on the walls and ramps around them. I did a user study down at the Melbourne city skate park (riverside skate park). I found it interesting how people personalised the boards not just during the assembly/ purchasing stages. It was a continual thing that happened until they broke the board or gave it away. I started to ask a few question and found out that the average life of a board was barely 1 month. I was thinking at least 6 months. (I will be doing a questionnaire to get some exact figures).  I found this interesting as it was more of a consumer driven sport than I had first imagined. There is definitely an importance placed on “staying updated”.  In the skateboard world there is a fine line between being “fresh” and being a “try-hard”. It is the same for companies designing for this demographic. It is a fine line to walk and the difference between a product being accepted and successful or it being a complete failure. I do want to design a device for skaters, but I want to avoid this world that is dictated so much by the cut-throat fashion industry.  There are some interesting avenues that I would like to continue in the next stage of research. These include sustainability, recycling and disposal, construction and assembly, User & Producer. I like the relationship between the user and the object. The notion that the user can interact with object and have control over how it will be used is still an underlying concept in this project. I will carry these concepts into my next stage of research- Technology.

Click here to view my research presentation pages.  HERE!


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