Technology plays a large role in the production and presentation stages of the project. I will be focusing on technologies that are used in the skateboard manufacturing industry; laminating and cold pressing. I will be working primarily with timber and layers of ply veneer. These materials are also used in the furniture design industry but with similar construction techniques. Steam bending is another method I have been researching and have included in the technology essay.

Laminating and steam bending are old technique used to achieve fluid-like forms with rigid material. Because laminating and steam bending are old process it means a lot of it is done by hand. There are many DIY tutorials and information available on these processes. One of the main ideas I’d like to emphasis is the evolution of skateboard construction, so I would incorporate traditional manufacturing techniques. Handmade rigs and moulds become tools that are used to manipulate the material. Tools will be just as important as the process. I hope to learn some of these skills by watching experienced craftsman (and women) build furniture. I have made a list of possible timber workshops that I can visit over the next few weeks. Hopefully this exposure gives me enough insight and I will be able to use these construction methods in the second semester.

Timber Strip Furniture


Wilkins and Kent (Furniture workshop)

Brunswick st

RMIT- TAFE furniture design workshop

CLICK HERE to view my technology essay.


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