According to an article in the Herald Sun, Melbourne City Council has boosted funding for anti-skate devices to $50,000 over the next year. (This was last year 2008) It has probably risen again in 2009. Boroondara Council allocates $100,000 a year for skate park development – it established Junction Skate Park for $750,000 – but it still had to fork out a further $5000 to install skateboarding deterrents in a popular park.

Anti skate products vary according to the type  of object they’re attached to. Some are retro fitted and others are built into the products and architecture. The most popular are the metal strips on ledges and ‘caps’ fitted to handrails. There are also grip strips that are placed at the top and bottom of staircases. Their original purpose was to provide better grip on wet days. They are also in place to guide the visually impaired down the stairs. But the grip strips have another benefit to those installing them. They prevent skateboarders from jumping down stairs because they are too bumpy to ride over. They are usually made out of metal or plastic.

Here are a few images of a skate trip around Southbank. I was taking photos of the following:

-Anti skate products

-Skateboard damage

-Public objects such as furniture, seating, benches, statues, bike racks, cigarette bins, recycling bins and lamp posts.

Metal Skate caps -South Bank

Metal Skate caps -South Bank

Metal Grip Strips- South Bank Steps

Metal Grip Strips- South Bank Steps

Bins & public seating

Bins & public seating

Melted wax and skateboard marks

Melted wax and wheel marks

I’ll do a bit more mapping of Melbourne City council’s ‘safe and unsafe’ skate routes to get more accurate idea of traffic flow and pedestrians. I’ll also be able to gauge the limitations of the space.


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