Urban Design

I have been researching ‘Skate Safe’ which is a program set up by the ‘City of Melbourne’ to manage and promote safe skating around Melbourne city. Moreover, it is an initiative that educates skaters about the use of safety equipment and SAFE SKATE ROUTES to navigate and move through the City.

Skate Safe routes are what I’ll be focusing on for this project. I’d like to encourage safe skating in particular areas through urban design. This may be a piece public seating that is compatible with skateboarders and pedestrians. Ledges, stairs and poles such as bike racks may be utilised and reconfigured for a wider range of uses. The major project could also possibly be a signalling device that alerts pedestrians and warns them when skateboarders are present. Perhaps it is a device that enables skaters to manage their speed. I will continue researching Skate Safe Routes and Urban design as this has the most potential for my Major project.

Skate Bin

Skate Bin

TopSkip is a hire company that leases bins. These people have found a new purpose for an old dump.

The Rolling Bench

The Rolling Bench

Designed by Korean firm Sungwoo Par. I think this is a really nice example of public seating design. No more wet bums on rainy days. I’ll let the image explain the rest.


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