Beach trip #2

Went to St Kilda beach again- this time with Hailey. Booked a video camera and got some footage of the model making process. Luckily it was a nice sunny day this time. I was aiming to build 1 larger model, rather than 5 small models. This time I was using the beach as a landscape and designed the model as an extension of the sea shore. It felt a bit like “landscape sculpting” more than anything. I wasn’t trying to include seating areas into this model. It was purely about form, material, and location. We had a few interested people stop and ask a few question. We also had to protect our models from dogs running along the beach. There was no way I was spending 1 hour on a model to have a dog kick it over in 3 seconds.

model about 3m long

model about 3m long

blog sand 02

A passer-by told me that the St Kilda council Finally approved  the plans to build a skate park in St Kilda. It will be located along the esplanade.  Horay to that!

I will be editing the footage and hopefully putting it up on youtube soon.


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