Before I  got started I was in need of some inspiration. I found these images of people skating different obstacles.

The Great Petition Sculpture- Burston Reserve, Melbourne

The Great Petition Sculpture- Burston Reserve, Melbourne

Rolled steel was used to create this sculpture.

I found a video that shows the meaning behind this sculpture and the design process (including fabrication). It’s really quite interesting.

Another Problem with street skating and urban design is the Cultural Significance of the location or obstacle your skating. Skaters may or may-not know what the obstacle was designed for (unless they read the plaque). And so you get a lot of skateboarders damaging sensitive sites around the CBD. Moreover, it is also seen as disrespectful when you skate at a location that is valued highly by individuals. Some examples include Lincoln Square (Swanston st) that is now a memorial for the Bali bombing victims. Churches and any other location with religious meaning. The ‘great petition sculpture’ represents women’s rights.

So to stick a bunch of anti-skate products on one of these “sacred” obstacles would detract from the meaning of the obstacle itself. And this is something skaters unfortunately take advantage of.  I would like to design an obstacle that avoids this issue.  The last thing I want is for the skater using my obstacle to be called insensitive vandal.

Skateparsk in the states

concrete bowl

concrete bowl


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  1. Melb Vicau Says:

    omgf, i soooo need to get my deck and ride that wave 🙂

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