Metal models

I wanted to make some metal models. I was looking around Bunning’s for some wire mesh but couldn’t find any. Instead I found Aluminium Flashing. (0.3mm thickness. 150mm wide. 20M long) I was able to make some basic shapes with no undercuts. I knew I was going to be limited with my design because the metal was hard to work into more organic shapes. And it was taking me a quarter of the time to make the same shape out of clay. I also bought some chicken wire with the intention of making some 1:5 scale models. I was going to fill the gaps with some rice paper I bought and then pour some plaster of paris over the top. But the chicken wire was too spaced out and the rice paper didn’t sit well. I didn’t even get to the plaster of paris stage of the model.  I’ll hold onto the materials as they might come in handy in the future.

Aluminium flashing sheet & tools

Aluminium flashing sheet & tools

blog 02

Next week I’m going to buy some modelling wire mesh with smaller holes in it. Easier to model.


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One Response to “Metal models”

  1. Haley Says:

    I know what you mean about been hard to manipulate and used, I tried it once before its only really good for flat objects so I can see why you would be having trouble.

    I like the symmetry within the design in the photo. A shame about the rice paper and chicken mesh, I used thicker colored poster paper (you know the standard one that is around in all schools) when I used chicken wire though it never wanted to follow the chicken mesh and would end up buckling and bulging everywhere. Good to here about your work and how its going makes me feel good that I am not the only one hitting dead ends too.

    Enjoy the last few days of the break and see you in class.

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