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Trikke motion

March 30, 2009

This is the Trikke (pronounced trike). I like how the rider can move forward without stepping off the vehicle.   Rhythmic weight transfer from one leg to another is the key to propelling it.

This is a video of trikke riding on urban terrain.

After the success of the land trikke they brought out the trikke ski for people that like the snow.

This is the Rip-stick.  Its a modified skateboard. It uses 2 casters and a pivoting connection in the center of the board.

In this video you can see how the rider  uses a carving technique to move forward.  The creator took the idea from a skateboarding move called the tic-tac. Its pretty much a basic maneuver to get you rolling forward (usually at a slow speed). Ive seen some people riding around the city but hadnt seen people doing tricks on them untill this video. >

People can develop there own style of riding a create their own tricks on them. However, they arnt very versatile and have attract a younger generation of riders.  Trikke on the other hand has proved to be quite versatile  and seems to have created a cult following. The riders enjoy the freedom of standing up and the carving motion keeps the rider engaged at all times.


skateboard and personality

March 28, 2009

I’ll be designing a device that can be customised by the skater to suit the skater eg- Personality, preferred terrain, cultural background, interests, intentions, and other hobbies.  The device should encourage interaction between people and the objects around them. Obstacles should be approached in a new way. Here is a mind map showing the skateboard as a device for creative expression.


Link to bigger image:

skateboard is design

March 28, 2009

Here are some web sites on skateboarding that I found really interesting.

The first one is a lost of 20 object designed from skateboard decks. (both new and recycled boards)


Skateboards are broken quite often. Usually the plywood boards are just thrown in the bin.

Here are some bags, an ipod case and some earrings  made out of recycled skate decks.


This web site is a company in Newport Beach, California. They construct furniture and household objects our of skate equipment.  Check out their collection-


skateboard wheel clock


This company produce  decks made completely ouf of bamboo. (im pretty sure they are the only bamboo decks available)


This is the web site

This is  publicity video where skaters get to snap there original deck  (traditionally made out of maple) in return for a new bamboo deck. Apparently the bamboo boards are stronger than the maple plywood decks.  go green , go bamboo.

creative expression

March 28, 2009

Now to inject my project full of life.

I am interested in personal transportation vehicles such the skateboards, scooters and bikes.Skating was one of my main hobbies for almost 10 years utill I was forced to stop due to an unfortunate knee injury. I still like tojump on a board every and bust a few moves now and then. I enjoy seeing skaters (pro’s and amateurs) tear up Melbourne skate parks and street spots. Skaters seem to be getting younger and younger, doing bigger and better tricks. Other people use skating as a social activity and a way of having fun. Either way, skatboarding is constantly progressing. People are always  finding new ways to express themselves- whether it be learning a new trick, skating a new terrain, or customising their skateboards. I find skateboarding interesting because it can be a recreational activity, an art form, a job, and a method of transportation.

For my PreMajor I will be looking at the skateboard as a device for creative expression. It is a personal object that allows people to express their own identity. For my major project I will be designing a device that can be used by skaters as a form of transport and a means of expressing their individual lifestyle. There are many avenues of self expression; the type of tricks they perform and the way they perform them. The location and terrain, graphics and aesthetics, level of skill, performance and audience. These can be indicators of skill level, occupation, cultural associations and fashion sense, interests and dislikes.


March 28, 2009


I am interested in the area of transportation and vehicle design. Particularly small personal vehicles. Below you can find links to my project description, learning contract, research methods and design process. These are the first proposals. These will be edited and developed further as the assignment goes on.

Project description.

Learning contract

Research  Methods

Design Process.